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Beards are invading Brooklyn this November! We’re not talking about patchy hipster beards, no, we’re talking the championship level kind similar to the photos below. On Thursday the good people of the World Beard and Moustache Championships announced on Facebook that their 2015 championship event will be held at the… Source: The 2015 National Beard […]

Many are shocked to see New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon still taking the mound after 17 years in the MLB. But the 283-pound pitcher is just as nimble as his rookie season. Source: WATCH: 41-Year-Old Bartolo Colon Chases Down Baserunner for the Out | The Fumble    

We 8HOL’s are big fans of TheChive and their brilliant collection of random awesome skin that is categorized in the greatest of ways.  Today we encourage you to browse a beautiful collection of amazing downblouse shots that they’ve put together. Visit the post for more. Source: Catching accidental downblouse can really turn a bad day […]

Goin’ Deep Show regular Yukon was recently spotted wearing his Little Devil Super Hero shirt out in Cali during a recent April visit. We love seeing our crew and listeners out there throwing the horns and especially wearing our gear out in public. If you want to be shown here on the 8HOL site sporting […]

via Charlotte Mckinney Does Carl’s Jr Super Bowl

Celebrate the last day of the week with some lovely women adoring themselves via the selfie shot.  

16-Year-Old Artist Wins The National Art Competition With Her Impressive Hyper-Realistic Pencil Drawing | DeMilked.  


We’re not sure what natural disaster is causing the tops on these women to go flying right off but we cannot encourage it more than this.  If you’ve seen this happen in your neck of the woods make sure to send that shit to us at  

We realize its still weeks away from even thinking about Spring in this part of the country but we like to think about all the goodies that will be in your face soon. So we’re beginning to collect and display a few of our favorite things to enjoy during the crawl towards warmer weather. Here’s […]


February 13, 2014

That time-honored tradition of staring at two mounds of flesh pressed together on a womans chest hits you in the face.  Check out our latest collection of amazing cleavage shots.

Every once in a while we get a request to see what it looks like in the dungeon studio that we’ve put together to record the show.  Here’s a glance inside at what the Kid saw from his desk inside the studio back a month or so ago.  We have an absolute ton of these […]

December 13, 2013

The balls on this little bitch here are amazing as she thinks she can just wander all over master control here in the Padded Room Studio. We’re now officially hunkered down for the winter and looking towards next year.  Next October will be our 10th year of rambling on here on The Goin’ Deep Show […]

Its Halloween and the slutty outfits are bountiful. With that in mind we send you over to a mega wonderful gallery of underboob via our friends at Dive in and better yet just fall down and stare long from down under some of the best underboobies you’ll see in the game today. Go Deep.

We here at TheGDS are big fans of TheChive and the amazing amounts of skin they feature on a regular basis.  Today’s favorite hand picked by the idiots here are the wonderful ladies who just happened to forget their pants. Related articles Pop Stars Only Wear Thongs Now; Going Pantsless Is Not Enough Thongs Are […]