Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang where we discuss how to numb the dick tip to get more head / sex. We bring back a segment from day one which is our Hottie of the Week. We talk about how many hours the ticking time bomb known as the vagina is before a guy […]

In this episode the Kid rants hardcore against Major League Baseball continuing to fuck with rules and ruining the game. Its fucking stupid. Go fork yourself

Kid, JMac, Spider Monkey, Don Tang and the Notorious GDub join in a conversation that includes the proper way to masturbate in the same bed as your significant other. How to get totally caught spanking it and where loads tend to get put. Kid gives the quick recap of the 3D porn jerk off routine […]

Kid goes off on why Kanye sucks balls, like we even need to address why there are reasons. He rips on country music, and gives his review of some idiot running from cops. Go figure. Someone not listening. Go Fork yourself.

Its Classics week here at Goin’ Deep and this one is what set the groundwork for an entire decade of dumb content.  This episode comes to you from February of 2005 and features The Martial Arts Phenom, The Kid, Mr. Shark attack, Mr. Kleen and the one and only Paralyzer.  This one is a bit […]

Slipknot – The Devil In I

Kid rants about Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian and her cleavage and asks the important question of what women think when they get new members of their team via the transgender switcheroo of a man to a woman. Go fork yourself.

Kid rants about the big game, women bitching about fat shaming at a college and he calls out his x for being a fucking leach In this episoce of Breakfast with Kid. Commercial talk and how Budweiser sucks balls. Go fork yourself.

  Kid, Don Tang, Hat Trick, Sookie and Yukon confirm if Hat Trick is rockin’ the cameltoe, Sookie does a sister body comparison and we give out a secret to get free drinks. Yukon gives us the low down on getting blown up with messages for sex and Sookie is put on the spot about […]

  Kid, Don Tang, Hat Trick, Sookie and Yukon set the record straight on the half hand / foot job, Kid wonders about Sookies vajay jay and gets the lowdown from Yukon. We dive into more nipple discussion and how long of a tongue Sookie has. We do a comparison of snatch smells and really […]

  In this Goin’ Deep Show the Kid welcomes Don Tang, Hat Trick and Sookie. We remember the days when someone was hog tied, the tv show Vikings and how much more sexy it would be on HBO. There’s details of Hat Trick twat swatting Sookie during a vacation and we try to line up […]

Black History month kicks off with Kid, Don Tang, Hat Trick and Sookie discuss the perfect set of balls,  how to make your balls bigger by not beating your meat and what kind of porn categories we’re getting into lately. We dive into the snatch trim and how much of a pain in the ass […]

  Kid, JMac, Spider Monkey, Gdub, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul in on this one where topics include porn preferences, how much the Kid likes FFFM and the sweet sweet sounds of women blowing guys. We come to the realization that women use their pubes to deter them from taking home randoms. We discuss sex […]

Fuck Facebook, snowmagedon, inflategate, bullying and baseball pace of game in this episode of Breakfast with Kid. He rants about people being pussies and how much more baseball he wants. Go Fork Yourself.

Kid welcomes in GDub from Georgia, Don and Pooty Tang, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul where we discuss puke, saving it and how much Mercedes loves to projectile vomit. Gdub gives us the lowdown on when a chick puked when he was down on a girl and Pooty Tang tells the story of riding Don […]

Kid welcomes in Don and Pooty Tang, C.C. and Mercedes Dela Soul where we discuss how badly Pooty wants Don Tang to blast a load of baby batter up in her lady parts. She wants it so much so that she texts it to him while his boss is looking at his phone. We discuss […]

Kid welcomes in Don Tang, Gdub, Wally, Red Eye, JMac and Spider Monkey in on this episode of the show.  We give the lowdown on the craziest  names of women, GDub tells us the best way to knock up a black chick and Red Eye thinks all black chicks just smell.  He suggests potpouri. Kid […]

In this BWK the Kid rants about the NFL, CBS and their agenda then turning it into a drinkig game. He also tells fisherman and more specifically ice fisherman to stop avoiding your significant others by dragging tiny little houses out on ice. He also tells us what song we’ll be sick of this year. […]

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Current show

Dinner with Red Eye

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