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In June, Google announced that it would begin isolating YouTube videosthat weren’t directly in violation of its standards but contained “controversial religious or supremacist content.” And starting this week, those efforts will begin to take effect. Source: YouTube begins isolating offensive videos this week

Everybody loves some smash ’em up derby style wrecks and no crash is complete in today’s video everything world than a first person GoPro angle crash directly into the back of a mini van at 140 mph.  hit up the link below or the video above to watch this end over end camera smash. Dude […]

Punch Punch Punching: Here’s the first in a series of assholes punching each other.  If you have a link to an epic street brawl or other idiots punching and kicking the piss out of each other please send that shit to us and we’ll post it.  What better place to show off a bunch of […]