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Grizzly bears, dogs, and even cockroaches fart. Do sea anemones? Nope. As for spiders, no one knows. Daniella Rabaiotti and Nick Caruso’s new book, Does It Fart?, is illustrated by Ethan Kocak and debuts tomorrow in the United States. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

In June, Google announced that it would begin isolating YouTube videosthat weren’t directly in violation of its standards but contained “controversial religious or supremacist content.” And starting this week, those efforts will begin to take effect. Source: YouTube begins isolating offensive videos this week

You have to appreciate a woman who’s willing to go the extra mile to do whatever she can to keep a roof over the head of her children.  That darn Jenna Jameson just does what she does best.  Until her body becomes a complete and total train wreck. Jenna Jameson says she’s reviving her porn […]