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Source: Trumpgrets: A Tumblr Dedicated To The Tweets Of Regretful Trump Voters – PAPERMAG

We’d like to encourage everyone to go visit and check out some of the amazing photos of strippers directly from the strippers themselves that are coming from clubs all across the US stripclubselfies: 🎶 bikini by @kaohs_swim via tumblr

Tumblr is the  prefered social network for all the 8HOL’s here at We love it for their creative and simple posting among many other things.  Check out this read from Social Samosa about why you shouldn’t be ignoring Tumblr in your social strategy. Social Samosa | Ignoring Tumblr In Your Social Strategy Might Be The […]


December 16, 2013

Amazing the things you’ll find when doing an innocent search on baseball tumblr pages.  The Untrue Baseball Facts by Randy Johnson had me rolling from the get go with such gems as “In honor of Lou Piniella’s career, Gatorade developed a limited edition flavor called “Sweet Lou.” The product never hit store shelves after a […]