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Star Wars

Another amazing Halloween concept pulled off by the one and only Casey Neistat. Well done.

Source: An X-Wing and TIE Fighter Have an Epic Dogfight, Thanks to Drones | Playboy

The cringes began long before release Source: The official Phantom Menace documentary is an hourlong look at creating a trainwreck | Polygon

“It’s a magical universe, BB-8, ol’ buddy. Let’s go exploring!” Source: There Is Nothing Cuter Than “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Characters As Calvin And Hobbes

Imgr user raggedrabbit has posted up a number of Luke Skywalker cards that Mark Hamill has signed. Apparently, the actor has a bit of fun when he signs them, leaving snarky notes in addition to his signature. See the full gallery here. – from– Collected by and for the degenerate curating masterminds at

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