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Kid and Silverback welcome back one of our show favorites Rougue. We catch up with her and discuss the following topics.

Silverback and Hat Trick join the Kid on this episode of the program. Kid expresses his admiration towards The Silverback and we knock off what is in each of our guest’s lists inside the Kid’s phone. We ask about some former guests, and discuss how much being a mother has changed her. We’ve decided to hate on any motherfuckin’ kids who bully any of our children.

Kid welcomes in show favorite Silverback who brought in some Sweet Baby Jesus beers for what’s on tap. We introduce everyone to newcomer Meadow where we discuss where she was conceived, accents and how to spray a load all over the place by fixing that retarded hole at the tip of your dick.

Kid gets the Silverback in studio and we get the infamous Gdub on the horn from Snowpocalypse City, Atlanta, GA. Kid is a little beside himself because the crew was supposed to have a local hottie in but has to spin into conversations of cum buckets, operations and tuna nets. Kid gives us some of […]

In this Episode of Goin’ Deep Show we welcome Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose. This is a special interactive edition where we tell everyone to go to Guess Her Muff so you can play along and see the Muff we discuss. If we weren’t so damn lazy we’d actually put the […]

Kid, Silverback, Red Eye, Dago Unchained and the lovely Wild Rose give you all the bullshit you’d expect from the Goin’ Deep Show. Topics include this weeks hottie of the week Abigail Ratchford and we come to the conclusion that Red Eye has been wronged by Kaitlyn J. Anderson for some reason but he won’t tell […]

Kid welcomes in Hat Trick and Lebron to the show where we discuss getting caught man handling yourself, wearing a belt around your neck or in the shower spanking it. We discuss how to keep your boots on during banging and how many pairs of shoes brotha’s have. Kid also reviews Hat Trick’s twitter account […]

Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback, Rogue and the lovely Betty to the show where we talk surgery where docs are checking out the titties on Betty. Silverback tells us about the trance that is the boob rotation. Betty tells us how to make em spin in various directions. We go over the bases and how they’ve […]

Kid welcomes back a fan favorite, Betty into the studio wherre she tells us about getting over lesbians, dating a prince and other less serious topics.  Silverback and JMac also join in on the fun and lay it down like it should be. We discuss the Pig gig and the huge asses of the people […]

Kid, Silverback, Mags and Shithead recap airfucking and who would judge it, The Kid tells you why he doesn’t follow Alyssa Milano’s Tweets anymore and Shithead tells everyone that if you’re a brotha don’t be skimpin’ on your bill because you’ll be spending the night in Jail.  Especially when you are paying for $1 dollar […]