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We’re getting closer to a world full of sex robots. According to certain exports, by the year 2050, sex robot tourism, marriage, and prostitution will be commonplace. Source: Sex robots might be better in bed than real humans – Houston Chronicle

An Eastern European man had to beg his wife to call an ambulance after her friend bit his penis. The wounded husband allegedly tried to force himself on the younger woman at a picnic while his wife stepped away, and she fought back when he dropped his pants.– Collected by and for the degenerate curating […]

Med Student Elizabeth Raine Auctioning Virginity Faces Critics.   Related articles The Med Student Who’s Auctioning Off Her Virginity Reveals Her Face 27-Year-Old Med Student Who Is Auctioning Off Her Virginity Finally Shows Her Face, Is Hot Med Student Auctioning Off Virginity Reveals Face Med Student Elizabeth Raine Auctioning Virginity Faces Critics Medical Student Auctioning […]

In the who gives a flying fuck category of the day some hooker has claimed that lesbian impersonating future wash up Justin Beiber is good at the Sex.   Justin Bieber’s Hooker Says He’s Great At Sex – The Superficial – Because You’re Ugly.  – THE SUPERFICIAL