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“I have often, when finding out about a new podcast with a large back catalog, made myself a 100-hour-plus playlist to catch up.” Read more at original Source: Meet The People Who Listen to Podcasts Crazy-Fast

Podcasting is booming and all the major radio networks have moved into the space but while audiences and advertisers might be happy, not everyone is on board.  Wil Anderson, the host of the ABC’s Gruen, and a long-time podcast host, believes big businesses are “ruining” podcasts. READ MORE – AdNews

Source: Digital radio: The very elusive promise of podcasting – Media Life Magazine

Steven P. Jobs put his talent as a master salesman to the test when, in 2005, he introduced new Apple software for downloading digital audio shows. The format was so incipient that he struggled to describe it. But he was clear about the potential. “It’s getting very, very exciting,” he said. READ FULL ARTICLE Curated […]