This week Google’s Podcast app was revealed in detail, from audio search to indexing. As it turns out, Google already released their Podcast App in the form of an update to their already-in-play Google Search app. Getting to this Podcast interface is not entirely intuitive – but for a good reason. Google doesn’t just want […]

Steven P. Jobs put his talent as a master salesman to the test when, in 2005, he introduced new Apple software for downloading digital audio shows. The format was so incipient that he struggled to describe it. But he was clear about the potential. “It’s getting very, very exciting,” he said. READ FULL ARTICLE Curated […]

Shows like “This American Life” and “The Moth” are becoming more profitable while terrestrial broadcast radio is dying. Jake Shapiro is CEO of PRX, the Public Radio Exchange, an online open marketplace for public radio distribution founded in 2003. Curated by the degenerate minds at 8HOL.com via Pocket http://ift.tt/1OhaAeW

Major League Baseball is protecting its brand and that means going after some mom and pop podcasts out there who are using MLB team names in their shows. The league has asked Apple to remove team-based podcasts from the iTunes directory. Click the link below to read more about it at MACNN.com MLB asks Apple […]

[soundcloud id=’124474865′] In this BWK the Kid gives his take on how awesome it was that a guy doing sign language was pretty much talking out of his ass from his hands, rips on baseball for even considering putting a stop to collisions at the plate and sets the record straight on what is news […]

In this BWK the Kid describes the best and worst way to get out of going shopping, what grandpa used to do when he wanted to get up and the eff out of a situation, how retarded it is when people have their faces and eyeballs fixated on their phones in public places and how […]

[soundcloud id=’123021197′] In this episode of Breakfast with Kid, the Kid talks about attempting not to gawk while running, how when you die you don’t magically fly up to heaven and become an angel. Fat bloated messes at the gym and brotha’s who stare way to damn long while pretending to shoot some hoops. He […]

[soundcloud id=’121969123′] In this BWK the Kid goes off on prayer, fat people and makes a call out to any tattoo artists who want to do some work on his arm. He goes angry as usual and hates on everything.

The Kid getst called out on drinking so much before a bachelor party that he pukes everywhere and doesn’t even make it into the titty club. Even with an extra hundred dollars from his lovely Red. What a D-bag. [soundcloud id=’121694655′]

[soundcloud id=’120941363′] In this BWK the Kid rants about stores staying open for thanksgiving, gives everyone a sexy assignment to go and check out a new hottie. He pisses on television news and tells you to go hit thechive.com.  He recaps how to do the gay test on your kid, gives his solution to life […]

In this Goin’ Deep Show the Kid asks Daisy and Luna if they have a bunch of different races on their sexual bucket list. We discuss oral sex and how to get the fuck out of it by pretending to be terrible at it. Spit or swallow gets brought up at some point and we […]

[soundcloud id=’120093378′] In this BWK the Kid rips on fat people, talks highly of the inventor of  yoga pants and gives some respect to L.A. Dodger Brian Wilson for telling the New York Yankees to suck it. Kid then outlines a recent Y visit where some asshole farts, another asshole just exists and how that […]

[soundcloud id=’119758074′] Kid goes off on morning television showing footage of a dude getting hit by a car, talks about a new app that lets you make baseball cards and recaps some of the stuff he’s promised over the past few weeks. He also discusses keeping his kid from seeing terrible things on the news. […]

[soundcloud id=’118979457′] In this BWK the Kid goes into great detail the mindset of someone who sticks drugs up their ass. If the cops have the right to dig around up in there and how much respect the Mayor of Toronto gets now for being a nasty drug doin’ drunk badass.

[soundcloud id=’118664867′] Its rant season in Breakfast with Kid land and the Kid is in full on asshole mode. He rants about former spank bank material getting all fat and pregnant, how the holiday season is constantly skipping dates and how traveling across the country next year is gonna suck balls.

[soundcloud id=’117926121′] In this BWK the Kid is pissed off because The World Series and baseball are over for 2013. He makes a ton of fun of Kim Kardashian and her gigantic horses ass, He congrats the Red Sox but rips on the assholes who decide to fuck shit up after a championship. Morons.

[soundcloud id=’117655830′] In this BWK the Kid goes off on a rant early on and tells some fat annoying cunt to go fuck herself. He recaps some fucking asshole at the Halloween party and says a bunch of other random bullshit that only he cares about. Go fuck yourself fatso.

[soundcloud id=’116510473′] In this BWK the Kid rants about bald dudes, people who do too much goddamn running and tells technology to go eff itself. Oh and some jerk off idiot kid shot up another school. Dumbass.

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