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The Kid and Magnum welcome Zaldor to the show where we talk about why Magnum doesn’t us her twat…. I mean why she doesn’t use twitter.  We call her out about speaking ebonics.  Zaldor loves when the Kid crashes into plate glass shelves and we talk about Zaldors World and encourage everyone to go check it out. […]

Kid, Mags and Shithead are talking Road trip in a prius while talking to Shithead in this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Shithead tells us  about being mistaken for a Mexican and we get nerdy on your ass and discuss Google+. We give you an urban dictionary term and talk about when the best […]

Kid makes fun of white guys shooting hoops a the park, but makes fun of the brotha and sista who where even worse. We discuss JMac making an old man feel real uncomfortable at the bar when he points out that a brotha had just entered the bar and the guilt the old guy must […]

Kid welcomes Wally, GDub and new addition to the program Magnum. We call out Wally for not jumping on Mag’s when she was throwing the signals. We discuss some sex toy peddling, try to describe the show and found outs its just about boobies. Go Deep.