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Goin’ Deep Show 1421: Fans love the Red Eye Bash

RED EYE INTRO 16: Jerk off all day - Kid, JMac, Spydermonkey and Gdub in to wrap up the weekend recordings with talk about fucked up jackasses putting their kids in microwaves.  We talk weapons, workouts, a return of one of the shows original crew and give the details on how much the fans are in love with the Red Eye Intros. 

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1411: Can we dip your thing in ice then not warm it up?

Red Eye Intro 06: Stop eating fatty - Kid and Hollywood from the downtown studio kick out the 1,411th episode of the Goin' Deep Show where the Kid is kickin' the Charlie Rose robe with his little dong hanging out during the show and getting cold.  We make fun of fat people a lot in this one so if you tend to be all stuff your face fat and can't see you fucking dick then we suggest you either take advantage of that thick skin of yours or not listen to this one. 

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1402: The Gray Pube

In this episode, we welcome back Mr. Crowley and his new friend J.J. We discuss the discovery of the Kid's first silver pube hair, how the show is his therapy, man shaving vs woman shaving and what size jawbreaker your nads are.

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1401: The Celebrity Perv Pool

Wally, Gdub, and Hollywood late in the game join the Kid in the 1401st episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  We play the perv pool game, pick out who will be next to get harassment claims. We destroy the studio with Wally farts, figure out that women never use their sexuality and Kid gets a ball check.

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1400: Way too much drunken harassment talk

In this episode of the Goin' Deep Show, we cross the 1,400 mark of episodes and we are at complete drunken rambling levels of well over 100.  We talk more about people doing shit they shouldn't be, how hot you need to be before it's not harassment and at some point, we hear Red Eye chiming in on a bunch of topics.

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1397: Four days of masturbation

The Kid welcomes back El Presidente to the studio to sit in along with Hollywood. Novembers push to release a show every day continues and this one is all over the board.  Topics in this episode include how long we expect to live, getting pissed off during a downtown loft recording and four days of masturbation.

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1392: The Death defying orgasm seekers

Continuing our month-long celebration of attempting to release a show every single fucking day we present to you the 1,392 episode of the Goin' Deep Show. In this episode, The Kid welcomes into the two hole his new partner in crime Hollywood, from the land of Minnesota its JMac and Spyder Monkey and from the deep south, it's the Infamous G-Dub.

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1391: A delicious beautiful booty

The Kid and Hollywood continue November's push to release a show every day of the month with the 1,390th episode of the Goin' Deep Show.  The only significant thing we learn in this one is that the Kid needs to pay attention to the titties more.  Sounds like a goal worth reaching for. A closer breakdown of the show notes is below.  Tune in to this episode by clicking that circular play button or listen in to random shows playing through our Live Stream.

In Studio: Kid and Hollywood

Goin' Deep Show

Goin’ Deep Show 1390: Shut your fucking mouth bitch

Kid and Red Eye continue catch up week where we discuss how Red Eye missed the opportunity to knock a bitch up, we talk some old Tiger game, puke, hangovers, pills, fights, festivals and someone almost gets his ass kicked... again. Kid gives the lowdown on someone yammering on about shit that really isn't that big of a deal. It pisses him off then he rants about it and declares he will destroy the cunty little bitch who likes to talk. Go Deep fuck faces.

Goin’ Deep Show 1387: Who cares! Fuck It!

Kid welcomes Mr. Crowley, Meadow, Arabella, and the Rookie to discuss the recap of the Dita Von Teese Show where we were treated like kings and queens at The Speak EZ lounge in Grand Rapids, MI. Meadow gets wet when she saw a ripped lady back. We give the rundown on how to piss off your wife completely and it involves inviting 23-year-old brunettes to the strip show.

Goin’ Deep Show 1383: Are you getting your snatch sucked on enough

Silverback and Hat Trick join the Kid on this episode of the program. Kid expresses his admiration towards The Silverback and we knock off what is in each of our guest's lists inside the Kid's phone. We ask about some former guests, and discuss how much being a mother has changed her. We've decided to hate on any motherfuckin' kids who bully any of our children.

Goin’ Deep Show 1363: Wild Rose wants a sugar daddy

Kid, Red Eye, Meadow and the return of Wild Rose talk about sugar daddies, porn stars and how Red Eye changes who he is so he can stick a cock into her. Meadow reveals that she has webbed toes and Red Eye wouldn't put her toes in his mouth. We wrap up with some rough sex talk and some rapid fire. Did we mention Meadow wants to piss in a mouth?