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Watch The Kid and GDub discuss the various cock ring topics of the day in the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Edition of the Goin’ Deep Show.

RED EYE INTRO 16: Jerk off all day – Kid, JMac, Spydermonkey and Gdub in to wrap up the weekend recordings with talk about fucked up jackasses putting their kids in microwaves.  We talk weapons, workouts, a return of one of the shows original crew and give the details on how much the fans are in love with the Red Eye Intros. 

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, the Kid calls out Red Eye for his overly ambitious and encouraging words to get the show rolling and then being his woman’s little bitch and being a big fat pussy about it and not showing up. 

Novembers daily releases continue with the 1404th episode of The Goin’ Deep Show. In this one, we get GDub on the horn to discuss the recent news of Al Franken grabbing some titties and slipping some tongue to some chick.

Wally, Gdub, and Hollywood late in the game join the Kid in the 1401st episode of the Goin’ Deep Show.  We play the perv pool game, pick out who will be next to get harassment claims. We destroy the studio with Wally farts, figure out that women never use their sexuality and Kid gets a ball check.

Continuing our month-long celebration of attempting to release a show every single fucking day we present to you the 1,392 episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. In this episode, The Kid welcomes into the two hole his new partner in crime Hollywood, from the land of Minnesota its JMac and Spyder Monkey and from the deep south, it’s the Infamous G-Dub.

In our quest to discover sound bites of the past here at we dive back headfirst into most shows that involve the duo of Gdub and Wally.  This Clip along with a few that will be making their way to this site in the coming months and years features GDub at his drunken finest slurring words and giving us his take on what the rest of the night should consist of in our dirty little town.

Kid welcomes GDub, JMac to the program where we debut the new listener number 989-331-0543 Kid plays pop quiz time with Jmac and plays clips to see if he can identify the in-studio guests. We discuss the upcoming trip to Iowa and the field of dream and how crazy it was to even suggest not staying overnight to get smiggity-smashed afterward.

Monday, February 8, 2016 – Episode 1318 Kid and Gdub discuss how badly we need a technical person to handle things for the show. The Kid outlines his plans for the new domain name he gobbled up recently and it features a full database of all the women teachers who’ve gone a little too far with […]

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 Kid, JMac, GDub and Spider Monkey along with the Martial Arts Phenom coming to you from Arizona late in this one. We discuss toys including the all new Fat Barbie and the new huge dong Ken doll. We ask what accessories the low self-esteem Barbie comes with and ask when the […]

Kid and Don Tang in studio and GDub scaring the hell out of us later in the program. Kid gets into the preshow ritual that he’s starting to incorporate. It includes social time with friends and doing some preshow practice. We discover some new people and their connection to the show. We salute one of […]

Kid gets the Silverback in studio and we get the infamous Gdub on the horn from Snowpocalypse City, Atlanta, GA. Kid is a little beside himself because the crew was supposed to have a local hottie in but has to spin into conversations of cum buckets, operations and tuna nets. Kid gives us some of […]

Kid welcomes in Hat Trick and Lebron to the show where we discuss getting caught man handling yourself, wearing a belt around your neck or in the shower spanking it. We discuss how to keep your boots on during banging and how many pairs of shoes brotha’s have. Kid also reviews Hat Trick’s twitter account […]

Kid welcomes back Hat Trick and the one and only GDub.  We discuss how boys work up boners in public, how to properly take pictures of your wiener and if the Hat Trick has ever slept with a brotha. GDub gives us some words of advice when messing around with black chicks and how to […]

Kid and Gdub kick right in and discuss mega-church and the creepy bastard priests that try to bullshit you into believing the same bullshit they do. Kid continues to fuck with sound effects to annoy the living shit out of each and every one of you. We discuss mail order brides and how they yell […]

Kid and Gdub discuss cops at the bar, getting pulled over, video taping sex and how Google needs to take the initiative and get going on the Google Glass Cock to check bar whores for STDs. We throw a shout to local brewing company Tri City Brewing.  Kid also cures the drunk driving dilema but […]

Studio 163 had a mid winter surprise visit by GDub last week where the Goin’ Deep Show superstar gave his thumbs up and seal of approval to the new studio. Wally and Dub sat in studio for three very drunken episodes of the Goin’ Deep Show and a follow up with the duo is planned […]

Kid and JMac welcomes back The Wolf, Legs and Little Wolf into the studio where we talk about hooking up through Comcast, innapropriate sex noises from Dad and all while the air conditioning is on in the background.  The Wold talks about cheaters, how they always kill the messenger and some people get payed to […]