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The Kid getst called out on drinking so much before a bachelor party that he pukes everywhere and doesn’t even make it into the titty club. Even with an extra hundred dollars from his lovely Red. What a D-bag. [soundcloud id=’121694655′]

In this Goin’ Deep Show the Kid asks Daisy and Luna if they have a bunch of different races on their sexual bucket list. We discuss oral sex and how to get the fuck out of it by pretending to be terrible at it. Spit or swallow gets brought up at some point and we […]

Kid welcomes back Daisy and Dutch to the show and introduces us all to Luna. The Kid asks the normal lineup of disgusting sexual questions you’ve all come to love and expect. On top of that we talk threesomes, booze and tit size. Its all that and some nipple piercings to get you through your […]

[soundcloud id=’119333964′] Kid welcomes back Neo and Sputnik where they discuss how she snaps back into shape after getting banged, we talk about what to put on your junk when she’s blowing and what kind of fart sounds couples make during sex. We do a comparison of girly girl vs tom boy chicks and how […]

[soundcloud id=’119094016′] Kid welcomes Sputnik and newcomer Neo into the studio for episode 1200.  Sputnik seems giddy with excitement to talk about her sexual exploits with Neo. Sputnik gets called out on banging bar hoppers and Sputnik just can’t stop talking about gigantic wang. Listen in Go Deep.

Kid and Don Tang tell stories of dogs shitting some hair that it ate, the amazing woman who has to pull this hair from the dogs butthole and how sick and gross the whole process is. This one is a sick one mofos. Kid begins to thank some of the followers of the show and […]

In this episode we recap the most powerful man in the entire universe biting the dust, women wondering why and where the Paralyzer nickname came from and we recap week two and all the pissing in depends. Paralyzer finally calls Bob Gillard by his correct name and the star of the show watches the Yankee […]

Kid welcomes Rogue and Silverback into the studio. We’re pissed off because we lost a baseball game and Rogue makes fun of us. Kid’s Grandmother dies and we get hit with a monsoon. We ask if anyone has seen Magnum or tried the new ViSalus Colon Cleanser. Rogue tells us that Soy Protein will give […]

A Special Hour long edition of the GDS. First half featuring Zaldor, Soupy and lots of porn talk. Second Half featuring Hat Tricks first appearance on the program. Tune in and have a wonderful time listening and playing with yourself. Go Deep.

Kid welcomes JMac, Silverback and Dimples McDonna to the studio. The Kid attempts to get sentimental about the last 1,000 shows but is quickly put back on track by talking about JMac’s sexcapades including wine and how fast pants make it into the wash. Chubaka makes his Goin’ Deep Show Debut, we tell the tale […]

Kid welcomes Wolf, Legs, Little Wolf, Shithead, Hat Trick and her guy via skype and they give us quite a show. Its a freakin’ Doozey. Try not to picture it while you listen. No more show notes, just listen to it. Its my favorite new episode. Go Deep.

In this Goin’ Deep Show The Kid, Dimples and Magnum continue the drunken after bar discussion where someone starts to throw bottle caps and we call out former guests. Magnum calls out Betty for becoming a lesbo and getting with some butch chick. Nothing new. Go Deep. On Tap: Killians Irish Red and Miller High […]

Kid reveals how not to use Apple’s Airplay technology, Dimples shits herself and we play a little OMG from the urban dictionary. The MAP joins in later in the episode and we relive the shitting over the overpass story from way the fuck back. Its a classic GDS to to kill off the 700’s and […]

GDub and Wally kick it on this first of five post Xmas shows. This weeks shows are the final of 2010 and We’re very excited to kick it off right in 2011. We mention Hat Trick in this episode and what pics of her you’d beat to. We call out Wombat for getting in his […]

In this Goin’ Deep Show The Kid, Wally and GDub welcome Magnum to the mix. Wally gets caught beating off during the show and we do battle of the weiners. Magnum deckides she wants to flick her bean to the Shake Weight commercials and we talk about the taint, blowjobs and we do it all […]

Kid welcomes Wally, GDub and new addition to the program Magnum. We call out Wally for not jumping on Mag’s when she was throwing the signals. We discuss some sex toy peddling, try to describe the show and found outs its just about boobies. Go Deep.

Hat Trick and Wally mixed with a little Kid and some microphones in this, the 400th episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. We’ve pumped out over 8 gigs of audio to download and over 530 files for you to enjoy. This one includes whipped cream, some laughs and wine.