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El Presidente

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, we cross the 1,400 mark of episodes and we are at complete drunken rambling levels of well over 100.  We talk more about people doing shit they shouldn’t be, how hot you need to be before it’s not harassment and at some point, we hear Red Eye chiming in on a bunch of topics.

The Kid, Hollywood and El Presidente spend way too much time talking about people inappropriately brushing up against someone and hashtagging me too. We try to get the Kid to consider getting snipped but it only makes him think he could potentially have another kid.

The Kid welcomes back El Presidente to the studio to sit in along with Hollywood. Novembers push to release a show every day continues and this one is all over the board.  Topics in this episode include how long we expect to live, getting pissed off during a downtown loft recording and four days of masturbation.

Kid and the Rookie give a shout to some new chick and we discuss so Goddamn much that I have no idea where to even start.  This is the first in a series of episodes featuring a long conversation with newcomer Arebella.

Kid and El Presidente are in studio discussing tons of new hot chicks and overwhelming your ass with so many boobies and asses to even comprehend. Kid pisses ice, and we distract the hell out of everyone with porno.

Kid welcomes Meadow, Red Eye, ARod, and El Presidente to the show where we ask which little boys Meadow has on the hook for the evening. ARod tries to tell us that Red Eye has never seen her boobies or penetrated her vagina but we all know better and want to see them titties anyway.