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Watch The Kid and GDub discuss the various cock ring topics of the day in the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Edition of the Goin’ Deep Show.

A marriage that should’ve happened a long time ago Source: Taco Bell to Start Serving Booze | The Daily Caller     Related articles Taco Bell unveils loyalty game tied to Twitter, Facebook


January 12, 2016

Although it might not be part of a balanced breakfast, Hefe Wheaties is sure to bring to mind the classic cereal. Brewed by Fulton Beer out of Minneapolis, this isn’t some knockoff, but is a true partnership between the brewers and General Mills. 

There are some things in life that people simply have to experience first hand. Riding a roller coaster. Catching a wild brook trout. Running a mile for time. Dating someone out of your league…this is what life is all about. If you’re a baseball fan, you have to see a game at Wrigley Field. via […]

Do not approach me but if I ask where I can get more Gatorade point me into the fitting room where women have their tits out.

These beer labels are pretty creative : theCHIVE.

So what gets the brain kicking on all creative gears better? Coffee or Beer? Check out this TNW article that features way more nerd jargon than we ever needed to know.  I mean come on and give us the answer to this debate so we can go back to slamming more creativity. Coffee vs. beer: […]

Grand Rapids Michigan based Founders Brewing has dropped this tasty little treat into our fall laps this year. For you Dirty Bastard fans they now bring you Backwoods Bastard. If you’ve managed to taste this delicious treat and have an opinion on it by all means hit up the comments below and give us your […]

Here’s someone with way too much time on their hands. We thank you oh bored beer loving one. The Ultimate Beer Infographic Just Got Even More Ultimate | Co.Design | business + design.