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Source: Apple releases $300 book containing 450 photos of Apple products – The Verge

Steven P. Jobs put his talent as a master salesman to the test when, in 2005, he introduced new Apple software for downloading digital audio shows. The format was so incipient that he struggled to describe it. But he was clear about the potential. “It’s getting very, very exciting,” he said. READ FULL ARTICLE Curated […]

The Portable Audio Festival has just taken place in Japan this weekend, and multiple sources from the show are said to have learned of Apple’s plans to start streaming high-resolution audio as part of Apple Music in the new year. via Pocket http://ift.tt/1NyquB8

Yes, yes it is, Nick, because it’s an iPhone camera. MacDailyNews Take: What does a cannon say? Oh, yeah: BOOM!– Collected by and for the degenerate curating masterminds at 8HOL.com http://ift.tt/1PYQ8AD

This afternoon Apple will not only ruin my phone but also total bend over my Nike Fuel band and poke its tiny little stem into the onboard usb connector.  The hype machine begins today at 1:00pm eastern time. Related articles Will the iPhone 6 include a reversible USB cable? Recent Apple patent makes it possible.

— Via http://ift.tt/1huidlc He was trying to solve a problem that many others had tried and failed to solve, he explained during a recent an interview at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

— Via http://ift.tt/1paxD0b One thing Apple’s always been pretty good at is creating an ecosystem that supports smart accessories from third-party manufacturers. I’ve assembled ten insanely great solutions for your entertainment this Memorial Day.

‘iWatch in 60 Days or Bust’ Analyst Claims Apple Developing a 3D Printer – Mac Rumors. Related articles 2 Apple Inc. Rumors to Ignore It looks like Apple might unveil new iMacs next week at WWDC New rumors point to Apple eying Macs based on ARM chips Apple secretly developing a 3D printer? Rumor: Apple […]

— Via http://ift.tt/1lktmR2  One of the few advantages to owning a tablet other than an iPad is the ability to view and work with two applications at once, but as 9to5Mac reports, unnamed sources suggest the Apple faithful may soon get to enjoy the feature as well. Related articles Apple iOS 8 May Bring Split […]

What does Apple have up its sleeve for audio recognition at this years WWDC Apple Said to Prepare Song-ID Feature for IPhone Software – Bloomberg. Related articles How to get Siri to tell you a bedtime story iOS 8 could add Shazam functionality to Siri Apple To Integrate Shazam Song Recognition Into Siri, iOS 8 […]

S2:E83 Breakfast with Kid – In this BWK the Kid describes the bouncy boobs of a sweaty treadmill runner, asks the million dollar question of why is George Clooney getting married and gives his take on the whole Donald Sterling racist situation. Hint hint The Kid don’t give a shit. Some geek shit in this […]

Pandora’s Plummet: Is Apple’s iTunes Taking Over Internet Radio?.   Related articles You: Pandora tries ‘Promoted Stations’ in latest advertising push Pandora stock plummets 10 percent on news of iTunes Radio success Has iTunes Radio Killed Pandora Yet? Quite The Opposite Howard Stern Proves His Value to Sirius XM Once Again Apple is planning a […]

S2:E80 Breakfast with Kid [soundcloud id=’137937794′ width=’100%’] In this BWK the Kid discusses his addiction to the new Nike Fuel Band, how pissed he is that Apple is getting into everything and how Google has its fingers in your assholes. The same rants as usual in this one. Listen in and spread the word. www.8hol.com […]

Will you guys just release this damn watch already so all these idiots can stop typing their little stories about it. We’re going to buy it. Release it so we can just give you our money already. Stop fuckin’ around. Rumor: Apple’s ‘iWatch’ team grows to 200 people, device won’t be regulated by FDA. Related […]

Here’s a quick little video that shows off most of the Apple Designs over the years.