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Fighting for the Powers of Evil Because Good is Dumb

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Documenting the antics of a few Michigan natives scattered across the U.S., the Goin’ Deep Show started in October 2004 with the goal of letting listeners become a fly on the wall during everyday conversations about the co-hosts’ debauchery, along with a little pop culture, sports and current events sprinkled in.
“When you see that table full of people laughing at the bar, and you wonder what they’re laughing about … that’s our show in a nutshell. We give you access to those conversations,” said original GDS member and current show mastermind Alan “Kid” Garcia. “You want to know what guys talk about? Listen to the show. We put everything on the table. No topic is off limits.”
While the lineup of co-hosts has rotated throughout the years, the hijinks of the crew have kept the show true to its mission: Bringing you the good, bad and ugly … all uncensored.
The 30-minute episodes have contained everything from in-studio interviews with porn stars, to on-air adult diaper tests and on-location bathroom call-ins along with every heated conversation and way too much personal information revealed.

“If you had told me we’d make it to 1,400 episodes, I’d have called you a liar,” Garcia said. “But we’ve obviously hit upon something. People either relate to us or use us as a guide on how not to live life correctly. And quite honestly, many probably listen just to see what stupid thing we’ll do or say next.”
The Goin’ Deep Show can be downloaded through iTunes, Spotify, and a full library of back episodes located at is available to browse and search.
Listeners who follow via Twitter ( are notified when the show is recording and can tune in and watch or chat live. Selected shows are also available on the Goin’ Deep Show YouTube Channel at
Listeners can also participate in the show directly by calling the Go to Hell Listener Line at 998-331-0543 (0KID).
Visit the Shows main home on the internet at to get the latest news from the Padded Room Studio and other special photo galleries, show notes and extras.
For more information, contact the show at or call the Listener Line and leave a message at 989-331-0543

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