GDS 896: Dinner and no handjob under the table? WTF?

Kid makes fun of white guys shooting hoops a the park, but makes fun of the brotha and sista who where even worse. We discuss JMac making an old man feel real uncomfortable at the bar when he points out that a brotha had just entered the bar and the guilt the old guy must have felt.

Another old guy buys Rogue dinner and she doesn’t even jerk him off under the table. Rogue claims she hasn’t had sex in 2 months so she’s watching more porno.  The Kid also tells the world about his new favorite porn star.

Condoms in porno also is discussed and how much its a turnoff. We coin the new term “Magsturbating” to dedicate the number of times Magnum flicks her bean. Rogue also tells a story of blowing until a guy can’t get off, and how fucking and being loud where people can hear is nearly as hot as cumming and suppressing the sound of an orgasm.

We do some Eck talk and how he likes to throw beer all over people. Rogue learns that having a recording device in your pocket at all times is a great thing to have. Check it out and Listen NOW! Go Deep douchebags.