Goin’ Deep Show 1409: I think I’m gonna paint with my dick. The topless episode

Red Eye Intro 04: Picking up an 18-year-old stage five clinger at a red light, banging her and then regretting it.

In this very special topless episode of the Goin’ Deep Show Kid and The Blonde Bombshell Hollywood discuss being normal when it comes to heated discussions, how crazy the Kid is about keeping show notes and did we mention there is a foot job during this show.

The duo discuss how an old show host is stalking Hollywood via Instagram and we just had to block that shit. We talk about work wives and husbands, how much the Kid likes to go against the norm and we come to the conclusion that Australian people are attractive and that is why Facebook wants them to send nude photos.

The Kid contemplates spending Thanksgiving alone, drinking until he couldn’t feel feelings and how to best fill up his afternoon by painting with his cock.

The show winds down with a story of ass eating, drinking and did we mention that the tits were out for this one.  Go Deep fuckers.

MINUTE BY MINUTE BREAKDOWN – From the downtown studio

  • 1:00 Intro
  • 2:00 A well organized artist / show notes /
  • 3:00 I smell like a Mexican / lets fart some beans
  • 4:00 I know how to steer this ship
  • 5:00 You want to murder me
  • 6:00 We’re normal
  • 7:00 Some nut job stalker
  • 8:00 Up masturbating and thinking of you
  • 9:00 Too much of an asshole being around me / Work husband
  • 10:00 Handjobs during the work period
  • 11:00 You like to go against the norm vs the good side
  • 12:00 Remembering when my friends entertained me
  • 13:00 Veteran killed at hospital
  • 14:00 Facebook says send your nudes
  • 15:00 Australia is where the hot people are
  • 16:00 Spending Thanksgiving alone / Painting with my dick
  • 17:00 No red paint on my bloody cock
  • 18:00 Like blind people sculpting
  • 19:00 Hollywood being worried
  • 20:00 Ass eating
  • 21:00 Mom is excited about eating ass
  • 23:00 Ass smell would never go away
  • 24:00 Strawberry pussy
  • 25:00 Break-in the new furniture. Topless episode
  • 26:00 Thank you for the compliment on my tits
  • 27:00 You want me to eat your ass?
  • 28:00 Face is buried in the ass
  • 29:00 Wrap-up: Fast drinking. Lets have more

END: upgrade the smell so we can have fun

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Go Deep.

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