Goin Deep Show 1405: The overly sensitive clit

The Kid, JMac from Minnesota and Jess from the STL bring you stories of our changing Goin’ Deep Show World.  The Kid is coming from the newly christened kitchen studio doing the whole stand up thing.  Topics range in this one from Show merchandise, Al Franken groping to what Jess wears at the gym.  We ask how much there is to see when your’e at the gym male vs female then the Kid dives into the natural evolution he foresees the show having over the years and not the throat punch that seems to be attempted lately. We ask JMac how he managed to keep being friends with his X’s and how he eased his new lady into hearing all his former exploits. We live fond memories of JMac being virtually yelled at by Jess’s mom and we rip on a basic statement that a radio host couldn’t say and how it reminded us of former guests and host. Listen in and Go Deep in part one of our Jess from the STL shows.

Minute by Minute Breakdown

  • 1:00 The Kid fucks up the recording
  • 2:00 Super Old guy. When is JMac turning 40
  • 3:00 Al Franken / Stewart Smalley
  • 4:00 Getting harassed
  • 5:00 Hair Salon arguing and inappropriate talk
  • 6:00 How often does JMac’s lady get gawked at
  • 7:00 What do you wear at the gym
  • 8:00 There’s plenty to see at the gym
  • 9:00 The stair master is evil
  • 10:00 having a few lbs is good for the Kid
  • 11:00 Goin’ Deep Show Merch
  • 12:00 Novembers relentless show releases equal lots of beer
  • 13:00 Recording at a furious pace, say what yo say
  • 14:00 Talking to women
  • 15:00 Trying to change the show
  • 16:00 How did you manage to maintain friendships with X’s
  • 17:00 Show titles got me in trouble too
  • 18:00 What you heard when you first listened
  • 19:00 Jess’s mom
  • 20:00 The GDS tried to contact you
  • 21:00 Dude take down the pic on the website
  • 22:00 You will not talk about my sensitive clit
  • 23:00 Let’s talk about your clit / Don’t tell me what I don’t want
  • 24:00 Being put on the spot but not having an answer
  • 25:00 Take it Bitch
  • 26:00 The horizontal phone / seeing more
  • 27:00 The natural evolution of the show
  • 28:00 When I die the show is dead

This has been part one of the 2 part Jess from the STL redo shows. Tune in tomorrow for the second half. Go Deep.

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