Goin’ Deep Show 1358: Nutella. It’s a holiday in her mouth

Kid and Silverback welcome in the lovely Meadow and also have in El Presidente making his triumphant return. The Kid sideswipes Meadow with the story of her walking in on a chick blowing four dudes. We get the lowdown on double penetration, group sex and why Meadow attempted to have a boyfriend this past summer. We also dive into why she was engaged and how she’ll never forget this guy with a nine inch Nutella cock and will masturbate to it well into her elderly years.
Meadow reveals she wants to take a piss in a mouth and it is now her conquest. I think we wrap up with some lesbian talk and some carpet munching and we discuss how the two ladies in the studio have a past. Kid puts Arod on the spot about Red Eye sliding his cock inside of her.  Go Fucking Deep.

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