Goin’ Deep Show 1357: We Introduce Meadow and decide that pre cum is a bitch

Kid welcomes in show favorite Silverback who brought in some Sweet Baby Jesus beers for what’s on tap. We introduce everyone to newcomer Meadow where we discuss where she was conceived, accents and how to spray a load all over the place by fixing that retarded hole at the tip of your dick. We develop a new genre of porn and it’s for super spraying.

We ask the question if droopy panties are an actual thing and do they turn anyone the fuck on? We talk about drugs, getting knocked up and how to clean your junk properly. By junk its exactly what you’re thinking. Lessons learned in this one are do not go to spring break and get pregnant by drug dealers and make sure to scrub your pubes after dipping your wick.

We wrap up with a few holiday songs of Christmas joy that include cock sucking and random sex that gives you crabs. Go Fucking Deep.

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