GDS 200: Catjack the Tonguebox

Nearly two years later and well over 200 hours of the crew yappin’ their gums and we bring you the 200th episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. Its a special 1 hour and 20 minute long edition of the program and we have the original 4some that started it all back in October of 2004. JMac, Mr. Kleen, Kid AG and the Martial Arts Phenomenon. We’d like to thank everyone who’s tuned in over the past few years and we’re here to assure you that the nonsense will be slamming you even more in the face over the next 200 episodes. So what do we talk about in this show. We start off with violence and then JMac smacks Mr. Kleen around sending Kleen into a tailspin. We bring you sexy terms that everyone can use and JMac talks Victory Secret on a nice little bootie. Go Deep, Mr. Kleen even tried to..