GDS 0015: Tsunami Edition


Denise Milani 

Week number 15. and its an extra special edition of Goin’ Deep with the Paralyzer and Mr. Kleen. In Studio guest Ponch-o-rellie gives us a load of his F’d up law enforcement stories. The in studio crew is on high alert in case of Michigan tsunamis and the gang shouts out their 2005 New Year’s resolutions. We’re now back to our out-of-touch hottie of the week format and we found a dandy for all. Its Denise. Be sure to check her out. Also, listen to details on the first edition of the Paralyzer’s Wack-a-ganza that is coming next week. Besides that, much more including pee pee enlargments, double dares that suck, and and rash boy getting his weiner cut off and someone else getting a little more weiner. So hit it and get it before we split it. Your about to go deep for the final time in 2004.

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