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Morning Nonsense from the Host of the GDS

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Start the day of completely wrong with the Kid running his mouth about pop culture, news and whatever the hell else pops into his mind.

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Breakfast with Kid team

The baldest motherfucker in the business.  Podcasting pioneer.  In the game since its inception back in 2004. Heads up the fake news team for the Goin' Deep Show and is always eager to display his eating prowess.

Breakfast with Kid crew

The not-so master mind behind 8HOL, The Goin' Deep Show, Breakfast with Kid and many of the other nonsense related audio treats here on the 8HOL.com

Breakfast with Kid events

Join The Kid A.G. and members of the Goin’ Deep Show during a live Thursday night recording of the show.  We’re crossing over into the 1,500s and there’s no better way to kick off the Summer than to join the crew in studio Thursday nights at 9pm with a live recording of The Goin’ Deep […]