Welcome back

GDSThe GDS took a little break from the web action. Yah, we know its been a few weeks since the update. In that time we’ve slapped together an amazing new site that we will be dropping when episode 500 hits the ears of the fans.


The new site is amazing and gets a wider range of entertaining things in your face. Our archive of episodes will be pumped into this site in the next few days and expect Episode 500 to be in your face by this coming Friday. We have alot of old stuff to get through but really want to go back and get the clips we like to highlight the special 500th episode.


So stay tuned here at thegds.com. We can’t wait to hit the switch on the new site and get the crowd excited about the new things in store.


Thanks for the listen, stay tuned in and make sure to subscribe via iTunes and get the latest shows that are continuing to be released multiple times during the week.


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