The GDS…Feel good?

Well, that’s just about as much nonsense as we here at Goin’ Deep can take. This small clip is a declaration of sorts to fight the pigeon-holing that seems to be going on in the podcast world. That is to say, just about every show out there being some kind of’ ‘geek’ show.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like geeks, it’s just that some people are really taking the concept and making it the podcast equivalent of Paris Hilton you know, it was cute for about five minutes, but sooner or later we need some meat and potatoes. That’s just the tip of things.

Also to be found between the iron crosshairs are some very flattering people out there who happen to be great artists – rip-off artists, that is. These people must be the creative marketing types like the geniuses out there who think that Trading Spouses is a completely new and different show than Wife Swap..

The paralells between one show in particular and Goin’ Deep are enough to make what’s on tap a god damn copyright infringement battle, if it was protected by international copyright, that is. It’s just too close, you know what I’m saying.

There are also some website(s) out there who would have us believe that the second-coming of radio is going to be some sort of show where we just sit around and listen to ordinary people talk about what ends up being the digital equivalent of what vegetable was in their shit this morning.

Nevertheless, this is not to be taken in a completely negative context. I am very grateful that we have a new media format to peddle our personalities, but I would just hate to see it fall victim to the same mediocrity and lack of imagination that has slain our conventional radio and television programing.

Now I know what some of you who read this and listen might be thinking, you can take the beligerent drunk out of the bar, and you would not be too far off the mark. What I propose is simple: Let’s take this technology and make it the Brazilian rainforest of radio, where there’s shit out there that hasn’t even been discovered yet. Not like walking around in the suburbs where, except for different addresses, everything looks the same.