Inside the 8HOL Studios


  • GDS Front Office Studio at The WiffleHouse – Original studio of The Goin’ Deep Show. Established October 2, 2004.  In use until February 2012. This is where the original Goin’ Deep Show recorded the first 1,100 episodes of the show.
  • GDS Padded Room Studio 163 – Current Home of the Goin’ Deep Show. Established February 2012.
  • GDS Studio K – Home studio of Mr. Kleen of The Goin’ Deep Show. Studio was used in limited rotation during the early years of Goin’ Deep.
  • GDS Phoenix Dojo Studio – Home of The Martial Arts Phenom prior to the move to the Garage Studio
  • GDS Phoenix Garage Studio of Martial Arts Phenom Bob Gillard – Home of The Saturday Morning 6 Pack
  • GDS Atlanta Georgia Studio of GDub of The Goin’ Deep Show and  Blood Boilers
  • GDS Traverse City, MI Studio of Wally of The Goin’ Deep Show and  Blood Boiler
  • GDS  Ypsilanti Studio of Jay the Mayor Mac of The Goin’ Deep Show and The Big Red Man of the Blood Boilers
  • GDS House of Tang – Home studio of Donald P. Tang of The Goin’ Deep Show

For more studio information please feel free to use the contact page and reach out to us.  We may slap your hand away due to your obvious filthy mind and apparent disregard for anything morally good and right.  If we do happen to get past the fact that you clearly lack a soul for wanting to reach us  we may just get back to you.  Dont’ bet on it though.