Double Standards are Soooo Convenient

It’s always frustrating when I have been waiting for weeks to watch something on TV and then when the day comes to finally watch it, I remember at midnight that I forgot to watch it. Normally it’s because of a baseball game being on or a Seinfeld marathon. I had the same feeling this afternoon when I realized I had forgot to collect all of my free goods from anywhere I wanted yesterday.

Two white people were killed on live TV by a black guy, that’s the “Golden Ticket” isn’t it?  I mean that could have been Obama’s son for (insert your God here) sake! Race tensions are a problem because we let them be. If there was a way to put a spell over the whole world that made each individual honestly believe “If I take care of myself and do what’s right, everything will work out.” it would do wonders for our confused little planet.

Every race has both sides of the spectrum obviously. Blacks have Bill Cosby but also Ben Carson. Whites have Charles Manson but also have Albert Einstein. Chinese people can call one of the greatest humans to have ever lived as one of their own, Confucius. Unfortunately, one of the most prolific serial killers ever was also Chinese, Yang Xinhai. From 1999-2003 he killed 67 people and raped 23.  It’s not the race that determines good and bad or right from wrong, it’s us. If our world ever honestly figured that out we would have a lot better place to live.