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GDS 209: Graphic Rape and Jessica Alba

Written by on October 17, 2006

Erica Rose Campbell
Kleen’s Life, Masterbation & Beer Drinking The new book to hit‘s top ten. In today’s episode The MAP tries to kill Kleen, Tigers are in the Series, Kids new favorite show Rescue Me, Graphic Rape Scenes and Kleen’s secret to getting swallowers. The Key is the thumb ring.

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Show notes timeframe:
1:00 Kleen’s New Book
1:24 206-202-DEEP
1:39 Whats on Tap
2:12 Bob Almost Kills Kleen
3:16 Play my bagpipe bitch
3:25 Tigers in the World Series
4:20 We Hate the PTC (Parent Television Council)
4:55 Rescue Me
5:30 (Tonights Sponsor)
5:52 Graphic Rape Scene on Rescue Me
6:40 Clean your braces with my cock
7:08 A load of throat yogurt
7:17 Thumb rings are the key to swallowers
7:48 Transvestites
9:00 Fat Transvesties in hot tubs with gay guys
9:25 The Myspace Thing
10:00 Latin Transvestites with bubble butts fool me
10:45 What if…
11:30 And a cock pops out
12:25 Lava Lamp up the ass
12:49 Submitting Breast Pics
13:48 Raduza
14:18 Jessica Alba’s Ass
16:25 HowardTV (OnDemand)
17:11 Two Hot Chicks
17:55 Cumming in the ear
18:55 The Wheel of Farts
21:36 Crissy Moran Finds Jesus
23:50 Bee in the studio
24:00 Kleen yanks to porn stars. Go Figure
24:30 Christmas says
24:38 The fat chick Lloyd “The Paralyzer” Fuller spunked on
24:40 Classic Clips
25:08 Gag on my cock dot com (Mr. Shark Attacks Favorite)
25:30 Three Hundred Files to browse
26:00 Full Facial bukaki
26:25 Like a sperm milkshake
26:49 (Tonights Sponsor)
26:50 Josef Hoffbauer, our Whats on Tap Brew
27:10 Site of the nite (
27:38 Hot bitches on our site (
27:50 Kleens Skanky cock gobblin’ whore of the night
28:24 Kleen Describes a porn star
28:40 Brooke Belentine
29:00 Gag on my cock dot com (Mr. Shark Attacks Favorite)
29:18 Vote for the show (
29:35 Chill till the next episode, and Kleen it if its dirty.