How do I use the audio player to listen to the goddamn show?


1 РPlay / Pause Button РStart and stop current playing show

2 – Currently Playing – Name of the audio file that is playing
3 – Playlist Menu – Access the full list of playlists available
4 РTrack Menu РAccess the full list of audio files in current playlist
5 – Popout Player – Opens the 8HOL audio player in seperate window
6 – Playlist Cover Art – Album art of current playing playlist
7 – Show Time – Time of the current playing audio track
8 – Volume Control – Louder or quieter… Duh!
9 – Loop – Shuffle – Share – Loop current track, Shuffle List or share

What nights are the shows recorded?

Shows are recorded Friday evenings at 9pm

Can I get on the Goin’ Deep Show?

Of course you can. You just better make sure you have a good story, know the right people or want to say obnoxious things that rattle around in your dumbass head. We encourage everyone to join in the fun. If you have shit to say then of course. To reach out to us and get on the mic just shoot us an email at 8hol@goindeepshow.com