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Goin’ Deep Show 1418: Nip slips and wardrobe malfunctions

Written by on December 1, 2017

RED EYE INTRO 13: The night he banged Vegas – Kid gives you a little treat to start off December with an extended Red Eye Clip and a solo show to keep the 31 straight days of Shows going.  In this one the Kid hits on topics that include what’s wrong with sports, sexual harassment and power trips between the sexes.  He previews a few stories coming in the next few days and wraps up ranting about dumb shit teachers do to make school fun for kids even though it annoys the ever living piss out of him.  Listen in and Go Deep fuckers.


  • 1:00 – 7:40 Red Eye Extended Intro
  • 8:00  Intro – Kid Riding Solo
  • 9:00  Streaming this month is the Best of Red Eye and Don Tang
  • 10:00  December focus on pushing social and content to 8HOL.com
  • 11:00  The Return of the Paralyzer
  • 13:00  The recordings keep on coming / Apologize for audio quality
  • 14:00  Sexual Harassment stories
  • 15:00  Complaining about my butt getting touched or did I like it
  • 16:00  Just stop caring like the guys do
  • 17:00  Titties hanging out. You are not pieces of meat
  • 18:00  Get your equality so they can shut the fuck up about it
  • 19:00  Sick of hearing all the shit about harassment
  • 20:00  Writing all the stories from the workplace
  • 21:00  The power trip / Attractive vs non-attractive
  • 22:00  I’m numb to this shit.  Women do the same shit guys just don’t care
  • 23:00  The end of football / Sports problems
  • 24:00  Hockey fights
  • 25:00  Taking away the contact in football kills the game
  • 26:00  Taking a knee bullshit
  • 27:00  Porn stars accused of serial sexual assault
  • 28:00  Preview of the next few shows / Youtube knows me
  • 29:00  Nip Slips and wardrobe malfunction
  • 30:00  Year end wrap-up
  • 31:00  Sales people
  • 32:00  Why do kids need special days ever fucking day
  • 33:00  Dance Party first day of school shit
  • 34:00  Contact the show at studio@goindeepshow.com

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