On Monday, the Houston Astros visited the White House to celebrate their 2017 World Series victory. And one photo of Astros baseman Jose Altuve and Donald Trump during the event is receiving extra attention. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

Texas Wesleyan University fired baseball coach and former Major League Baseball player Mike Jeffcoat after it was revealed that he discriminated against a high school player due to Colorado’s marijuana laws, CBS Denver reports. The potential recruit, Gavin Bell, attends high school in Colorado. Jeffcoat said past recruits “had trouble passing our drug test.” Darren […]

On 6,105 occasions last season, a major leaguer walked to the plate and hammered a baseball over the outfield wall. The 2017 season broke the home run record that was set in 2000 — the peak of the steroid era — when players hit 5,693 homers, and it built upon the remarkable 5,610 that were […]

In a first for video games, a major sports league is making its own game

The new, lighter hats will replace embroidered logos with beveled rubber badges Usually when an athlete is feeling lightheaded, that’s looked at as a negative. That won’t be the case when MLB players take the field for spring training in 2018. That’s because the league has unveiled the batting practice and spring training hats for […]

Untapped Cities contributor Laurie Gwen Shapiro recently tipped us off to a little fun fact, which her friend Marla Aaron — the mastermind behind the jewelry vending machine at the Brooklyn Museum — spotted in front of the New York Yankees Steak House near Rockefeller Center. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

An emailer named Sue gives a columnist named Steve an idea on how to speed up the game of baseball. Source: A suggestion that would speed up baseball games – Chicago Tribune

Sporting events are often home to some of the most vile, mean and nasty comments in all of society. Fans rarely use a filter when projecting their disgust toward referees, players and coaches. It appears if the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has gone a bit overboard with trying to make sure the decorum at their […]

Wow. When CNN’s Piers Morgan criticized England’s cricket team Source: Piers Morgan Gets Laid Out By Australian Fast Bowler (VIDEO) | HuffPost

Oregon junior Dillon Brooks is an All American talent. That talent doesn’t appear to extend to flopping, because this is just shameful. Source: Basketball Player Sets A New, Embarrassing Low For Flopping – Digg

[embedyt][/embedyt] Activist group Change the Mascot has been at the forefront of the conversation over the Indians’ logo. The Cleveland Indians’ “Chief Wahoo” logo and the Washington Redskins’ Indian head logo have long bothered Native Americans, who consider both racist. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

Someone ruined every NBA logo in PowerPoint and its pretty fucking awesome from Pocket via IFTTT

The poster features an annotated comparison of field and wall dimensions of the current 30 Major League ballparks

Source: The Physics that Propel a Baseball Pitch, Explained –

I cried foul earlier in the week when the bullshit call of no collisions at home plate was discussed.  Now I get to rant about some asshole who didn’t know when to say when and blew himself away because he ran into a few walls and took a ball or two to the cranium. But […]

Detrot Tiger Ace Justin Verlander talking to himself in the new MLB 2K12 commercial with C.J. Wilson Related articles PHOTO: MLB 2K12 Cover With Justin Verlander Released ( Justin Verlander To Appear On Cover Of MLB2K12 ( Verlander taking newfound stardom in stride (

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