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We’ve strayed a bit over the past few days and to make up for it we can only assume dropping some hot ass in your face could possibly make up for it. So  we drop the following. Try not to hit the screen with your baby batter and stay tuned to the Goin’ Deep Show for […]

Good Gah!

Alena Seredova

Best Booth Babe Ever: Samsungs Leopard Lady – Gizmodo Listen to the GDS via Phone by calling (510)495-6330

Holy shit. Thats all I gots to say.Podcasting News » iPod Supermodel Marisa Miller – Clothing = Sports Illustrated’s iPod Bikini

You should do the same fuckers. Go check this shit out. Also check out Episode number 179 to hear this beauty on the Goin’ Deep Show.Raven Riley

Check out some more pics of a show favorite, be sure to listen to her on The Goin Deep Show #179, but dont ruin your mom’s good napkins this time, fucking freak. More Raven Riley ~

Here’s some more skin for that A-hole who wanted it yesterday. Be prepared for a weekends worth of hotties as we put Mr. Kleen in a corner and raid his bookmarks. Also be prepared for episodes 238 and 239 coming this Thursday and Friday along with the first weekend of best of clips. Go Deep. […]

Not sure who this is and we haven’t taken the time from handling the junk and extra’s to figure it out. This lovely little one has probably the sickest, most amazing body I can recall laying eyes on. We’ve featured her before but who’s stopping us from doing it again. Thats right not a single […]


February 7, 2007

Some ass hole wanted some skin. So we’re giving you some. The next few posts will be all skin related and from some of our favorite wacktackular bookmarks. Our first is from a little site called Go there, check out the wet t-shirt action and try not to bang your dink on the bottom […]

Is there anyone else in the world that looks as good as Christina Aguilera does these days. I mean with that Spears bitch looking like white trash thats been puked up by a homeless guy, Aguilera is magnified even more as looking pretty damn hot. Now we get to jerk to stories of her getting […]

Its good to see some of our first crushes turning out even better than we could have imagined. Alyssa Milano was seen recently strolling the beach in Miami for the Superbowl. I’m sure Mr. Kleen, and the rest of the gang jerked and squirted to Alyssa back in the day. Check out the pics from […]

She’s a little wet (and/or) oiled and looking fierce…. We strongly encourage you to send us a link to one of your favorite babes on the net.


August 23, 2006

We here at the Goin’ Deep show have finally stopped wackin’ it to Liz Vicious and have finally recovered from chapped dick and blister treatment to finally put up a link to the lovely red headed one’s site. We cannot encourage you enough to head over there and we also encourage you to get those […]