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Killer video from The Pretty Reckless featuring some amazing skin from Taylor Momsen.   Related articles   Taylor Momsen Goes Naked in The Pretty Reckless’ ‘Heaven Knows’ Music Video Taylor Momsen got naked again in another music video; do I smell a Grammy? WATCH: Taylor Momsen Naked for Pretty Reckless “Heaven Knows” Music Video Taylor Momsen […]

I realize that we here at 8hol are not exactly supporters of marriage in any of its current retarded forms.  However there are always exceptions to the rule. If this is what getting married is like when you’re friends with strippers then you can’t count me in. If I’m the one in the hotseat that […]

Check Out Scarlett Johansson Wearing Almost Nothing In New ‘Under The Skin’ Trailer | Bro Code, Hot Girls, Funny Stories and Videos, Frat Music, College Stories, Sports News and Videos – I’m getting more attracted to Scarlett Johansson as she gets older and more nakedy thank you that’s all. Related articles Under the Skin […]

Kate Upton freezing her nipples off in a few SI shorts slapped together so you can slap yourself together.

Lets be honest everyday should be a celebration of bouncy gif animations of Scarlett Johansson but since her birthday is one extra reason to celebrate we present a link to an absolute bounce load of skin and sexy moves from the one and only ScarJo via CoEd. Hit the link below. 40 Sexiest Scarlett Johansson […]

Our friends over at have once again brought an amazing video of a Twerking twerk team of ass shaking mastery to our attention.  If you’re still reading this you obviously only have one hand. Click the link already otherwise you’re officially gay at this point. Ya gah-damn 8HOL. You Must Watch These Hot-Ass Twerking Dance […]

This post is for those pussy bitches out there who think that Pinterest is a chick haven full of yarn patters, dresses and jewelry.  I give you the one very real reason to consider checking it out.  Step 1 find the name of a hot chick.  Step 2 go to Step 3 type that […]

You have to appreciate a woman who’s willing to go the extra mile to do whatever she can to keep a roof over the head of her children.  That darn Jenna Jameson just does what she does best.  Until her body becomes a complete and total train wreck. Jenna Jameson says she’s reviving her porn […]

Let’s be honest the last thing I need is more distraction during watching my pornography. So why the hell do the powers that be asshole lawmakers want to shoot my boner to the ground and make porn stars wearing goggles during load blows and other disgusting scenarios. It’s not like porn stars a real people. […]

In our quest to find as many hot ladies and post their pictures here we’re always happy when we just bump into one online and can bring your eye candy to the masses.  Check out this lovely Australian and the video of how she keeps that killer body in shape. Aussie Ellie Gonsalves In Her […]

We here at TheGDS are big fans of TheChive and the amazing amounts of skin they feature on a regular basis.  Today’s favorite hand picked by the idiots here are the wonderful ladies who just happened to forget their pants. Related articles Pop Stars Only Wear Thongs Now; Going Pantsless Is Not Enough Thongs Are […]

Here’s today’s hottie of the day. Not sure on name stats or origin. Hit me with a message to submit some skin.

We’re not sure if it’s that these crazy bitches could look like Sloth from the Goonies under those helmets or that they’re tattooed up ever so nicely that turns us on in this photo but lets not get too crazy over thinking it.  Just add it to the spank bank and move about your day. […]

  xfactory: Christina Hendricks looking glamorous as ever in a photoshoot for Cosmo magazine.


  xfactory: Christina Hendricks looking pretty damn awesome in some tight ass shiny outfit.   Related articles Christina Hendricks in a Jenny Packham look at the ‘God’s Pocket’ LA premiere Christina Hendrick’s Giant Breasts Want To Be on ‘Game of Thrones’ Christina Hendricks Thinks She’d be a Natural Fit in Game of Thrones Happy 39th […]

As we browse our normal helping of porn we stumbled upon this gem of a hottie. Couldn’t find any other shots of her. If any of you know who this is please finish up with your junk and clean your keyboard. Then send us her name so we can build a gallery. Go Deep.

A mission to anyone willing to take it. The studio was on a mad hunt to find out who the hottie in this picture is. The pic comes from one of those damn pop up thumbnail galleries that doesn’t link to the actual gallery. So after spending 3 hours and 27 minutes clicking the photo […]