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We’re getting closer to a world full of sex robots. According to certain exports, by the year 2050, sex robot tourism, marriage, and prostitution will be commonplace. Source: Sex robots might be better in bed than real humans – Houston Chronicle

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August 5, 2015

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Kudos to this photographer for catching this lighting just right to show off the amazing physique of this blonde beauty in a sheer top. Fucking awesome via tumblr

Sometimes it gets cold in your bedroom when you’re in your panties and you just got to have a sweater that’s five times too small for you. It’s fucking science via tumblr

Not sure if I care but I am extremely curious how anyone with this fine of an ass isn’t concerned about the guy with the camera pointing directly at it.  It benefits us nonetheless so check out the amazing ass on this one. We also like to me treat you please if you haven’t asked […]

We’d like to encourage everyone to go visit and check out some of the amazing photos of strippers directly from the strippers themselves that are coming from clubs all across the US stripclubselfies: 🎶 bikini by @kaohs_swim via tumblr

i’m pretty sure this photographer ran out of ideas when he suggested this chick put on this bikini and sit as though she has a headache with her ass hanging out. We’re not complaining about it either via tumblr

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Just an absolute ridiculous amount of hot pics we found today.  Sit Back and drool.

The FBI seized computers from the Chicago home of Emilio Herrera in the investigation into the leak of nude photos of celebrities known as “The Fappening.” Source: Emilio Herrera: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

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