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Kid welcomes in show favorite Silverback who brought in some Sweet Baby Jesus beers for what’s on tap. We introduce everyone to newcomer Meadow where we discuss where she was conceived, accents and how to spray a load all over the place by fixing that retarded hole at the tip of your dick.

Kid and Eckler make fun of Red Eye and how he passed the fuck out before he even said a word on the mic. We hit up topics such as chicks who are critical of the male beer belly, drunk driving on Snapchat and we read a listener email that was submitted regarding a Craigslist ad and we wrap it all up with some nasty fucking porn.

Kid and Red Eye continue to discuss landing girls that Red Eye just shouldn’t be landing and doing it all for the fuck of it. Kid is concerned that Dago Unchained’s new girlfriend might not like him talking about his past fuck buddies. Red Eye tries to get us to believe that he didn’t slip a finger in a drunken naked woman in his bed. Listen in there’s lots of details.

Kid and Red Eye sit down for Story time and this story involves Red Eye sliding his way into a situation then slip sliding right into the vagina of a very hot young lady. Listen in and Go Deep and try to fucking figure this one out.

EXTRA In Between Show. Not an actual show release. Kid and GDub yell at Red Eye on the phone after episode 1352. This is an extra behind the scenes not so real show but hey its no different than any other recording. Go Deep.

Kid, GDub, JMac, Spidermonkey discuss how fucking retarded politics is. Kid is interrupted over and over repeatedly by Red Eye during the recording and we attempt to shift gear by discussing the tight outfits of local waitresses who don’t wear sexy shit. Bring me booze and food please and just stop yapping.

Kid welcomes GDub, JMac to the program where we debut the new listener number 989-331-0543 Kid plays pop quiz time with Jmac and plays clips to see if he can identify the in-studio guests. We discuss the upcoming trip to Iowa and the field of dream and how crazy it was to even suggest not staying overnight to get smiggity-smashed afterward.

Kid welcomes in Gdub, JMac and Spydermonkey to the show where we throw a shout out to a new buddy of JMac’s then kick directly into talk of a friend walking in on a gangbang. We discuss Redeye’s habits of dry humping Hooters waitresses until they let him wet hump.

play-buttonKid welcomes Gdub to the show where we begin to discuss the mayhem that is the Halloween party which will be happening. Kid likes that he can hang with his friends no matter how far they live away. We decide that Don Tang has been given intern status once again due to his lack of participation. We chat a bit about pumpkin spice latte and how poverty will keep you from giving a shit about it.

Kid welcomes in Dego Unchained and he dragged in a curvy lady named Mystic where we discuss how often women check out guys packages compared to men checking out everything on women.

Time to release some shit for a change. The Goin’ Deep Show is kicking out some shows from the past summer that we’ve been sitting on for a while. Stay tuned for the next month as we begin to ramp up more shows blasting you in the face.

Kid and Dago Unchained discuss how fucking wasted he was a few weeks ago, women smells and we once again bring up our favorite weather girl then somehow discuss fake tits for way too long. Dago shows pictures of 50-year-olds who are still held together pretty well and The Kid just can’t believe it. Dago gets concerned about a pissing match that will break out on a bus to 80s fest. Go Deep

Kid and Dago Unchained sit in on this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show where we discuss how to easily figure out what a chick wants, a new obscure sexual term, our favorite weather hottie, mom jeans and Kid gives everyone the lowdown on Dago Unchained and his antics being a single guy so far in 2016. Dago discusses his friends with benefits fiasco with the X, the 80s festival, and he brings the Kid in a beer that tastes like fruity pebbles. Prince is dead and there won’t be any minorities at the 80s fest. Go Deep.

Thursday, February 25, 2016 Kid, Gdub, Wally and Don Tang in studio discuss the asshole who shot at a cop and has halted life for four square blocks in Bay City. We briefly touch on the point of Red Eye and his assault charges, We rip on bullshit news and love the comments section on […]

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Kid, Gdub, Wally and Don Tang discuss the recent headlines of a cop shooting in Bay City. We toss around a bunch of racist terms to piss off all the assholes who can’t handle using certain words. Wally suggests using a bazooka to blast that son of a bitch out of […]

Kid and Don Tang discuss getting a liquor cabinet, then call Red Eye on the phone where he’s out drinking and driving because there’s a police situation happening a few blocks away. We come to the conclusion that it’s a goddamn sausage fest wherever Red Eye goes. We discuss the active shooter situation that happened […]

Monday, February 22, 2016 In this episode of Goin’ Deep The Kid and Don Tang show you what happens when we get stood up and don’t show up to record a show. It involves children being used as excuses, planning too much and we get this individual on the phones to play a little game […]

Thursday, February 18, 2016 Kid and Kleen in on this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show where we discuss cameltoe, workout pants, and the boys try to concentrate during the first ever twenty-minute porn clip playing during the yapping. We discuss racial sex, pink pussies and how to get your step mother to suck you […]