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Kid and Silverback welcome back one of our show favorites Rougue. We catch up with her and discuss the following topics.

Kid and Silverback welcome back one of our show favorites Rougue. We catch up with her and discuss the following topics.

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show The Kid sits down with Wally and Gdub to discuss presidential ass grabbing, celebrity grope fest and we come to the conclusion that everyone needs to lighten the fuck up. We discuss the transgender that Playboy is putting in its magazine and Wally finds a good reason to

Continuing our month-long celebration of attempting to release a show every single fucking day we present to you the 1,392 episode of the Goin’ Deep Show. In this episode, The Kid welcomes into the two hole his new partner in crime Hollywood, from the land of Minnesota its JMac and Spyder Monkey and from the deep south, it’s the Infamous G-Dub.

The Kid and Hollywood continue November’s push to release a show every day of the month with the 1,390th episode of the Goin’ Deep Show.  The only significant thing we learn in this one is that the Kid needs to pay attention to the titties more.  Sounds like a goal worth reaching for. A closer breakdown of the show notes is below.  Tune in to this episode by clicking that circular play button or listen in to random shows playing through our Live Stream.

In Studio: Kid and Hollywood

Kid and Red Eye continue catch up week where we discuss how Red Eye missed the opportunity to knock a bitch up, we talk some old Tiger game, puke, hangovers, pills, fights, festivals and someone almost gets his ass kicked… again. Kid gives the lowdown on someone yammering on about shit that really isn’t that big of a deal. It pisses him off then he rants about it and declares he will destroy the cunty little bitch who likes to talk. Go Deep fuck faces.

Kid and Red Eye get back in your gah-damn ear holes for episode 1389 of the Goin’ Deep Show. We recap a bit more on what’s been happening for months.  Why the show took a backseat for the summer and how life has morphed into something brand spanking new. We discuss trade-ins, new rides and whether or not a midlife crisis is a real thing.

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, the Kid starts off with catching up and reviewing the past summer months, giving some details about the new voice, the old voice, and ways to not give a good handjob. The creative side of the Kid describes how to ruin a sexy situation with a camera, and how to put too much technology in a dildo. It’s the start of a week worth of show releases so get ready for more dumb shit from the Goin’ Deep Show.

Kid welcomes Mr. Crowley, Meadow, Arabella, and the Rookie to discuss the recap of the Dita Von Teese Show where we were treated like kings and queens at The Speak EZ lounge in Grand Rapids, MI. Meadow gets wet when she saw a ripped lady back. We give the rundown on how to piss off your wife completely and it involves inviting 23-year-old brunettes to the strip show.

Kid welcomes back The Rookie, Arabella and Mr. Crowley where we discuss the most amazing porn clip that we’ve ever witnessed. We believe we’ve found a chick who could lick her own asshole. We revisit Mr. Crowley and his pierced dong, figure out what words Arabella hates and try to remember all the names for boobies.

Kid welcomes Mr. Crowley, The Rookie and Arabella to the show where we bring you mad capped idiocy and topics that include the real and true fact that the Goin’ Deep Show environment encourages women to dress slutty as hell. The crew gets completely distracted by the live Twitter feed on the big screen which includes images of balls, blowjobs and other random things. Kid explains the creepsearch.com domain that he has and tries to figure out what the fuck to do with it. The story of how Red walked into a house where someones parents where awkwardly caught doing something then calls to make sure The Kid gets to feel awkward too. We go through the getting caught stories then hit on the public sex acts of parents.

Kid and Red Eye in studio talking about the following topics. // New voice transformers // how to watch the show // Hottie of the Week // Rachel Mortenson // Snapchat // Live video // Fuck Facebook // Donald Trump saying anything // Suicidal ex girlfriends // first time handjobs

Silverback and Hat Trick join the Kid on this episode of the program. Kid expresses his admiration towards The Silverback and we knock off what is in each of our guest’s lists inside the Kid’s phone. We ask about some former guests, and discuss how much being a mother has changed her. We’ve decided to hate on any motherfuckin’ kids who bully any of our children.

Kid welcomes back The Silverback and her majesty The Hat Trick. Kid picks a bone with Hat Trick about her blocking her former boyfriend from the Goin’ Deep Show Facebook.

In this episode the Kid welcomes in Mr. Crowley, The White Wolf and Meadow where she tells the world that she wants to suck off Derek Jeter no matter how bad the herpes on his cock are. She tells us when she got wet at Yankee Stadium and getting to meet Derek Jeter. Red bum rushes the show and starts giving the Kid shit.

In this episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, we welcome back Mr. Crowley and The White Wolf. It’s an all dude show where we get very inquisitive about a local creative who seems to land a bunch of ass and how the hell he manages to do it. We give a little heads up on the pee in the face phenomenon that seems to be happening lately.

In This episode of the Goin’ Deep Show, we get to know show newcomer Kitty Kat and she gives us the rundown on a very special spring break full of drugs, sex and getting knocked up. The kid does his best to try to get the ladies to make out with each other but there was so much talking that we forgot what the fuck we were talking about.

Kid, GDub, El Presidente, Meadow and Kitty Kat are in studio where we’re eating, drinking and getting buzzed like a motherfucker. We get the low down on how special each of these girls is to the other and I think it involves showers with random dudes together.