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Dinner with Red Eye

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Breakfast with Kid

Time to blow 15 minutes of your goddamn day. In this Breakfast with Kid the rumblings over Donald Trump and Pee Pee caca are mentioned along with sex toy orders on Amazon and for once the Kid feels the need to be helpful and give you something fucking useful for a change

In this Breakfast with Kid, the blabbing continues and this time it’s aimed at some douche nozzle who overstepped boundaries. Kid reveals his take on life and dealing with individuals who don’t bring much to the table. The Kid’s Kid also is discussed and her ego is growing so much that she wants a pillow […]

The first of the Kid’s 2017 breakfast rants. Listen in and complain like he does. Call 989-331-0543 to spout off.

Kid gets in the face of pussy bitches who can’t seem to hydrate themselves during tennis matches. How women find it amusing when men want to play like bitches and faith based anything being branded as actual cultural relevant contributions to society. [soundcloud id=’222324832′]

Kid yaps about about his interrupted recording of show 105, Taylor Swift doesn’t like dark people, Kentucky doesn’t like the law when it comes to The Gays, and being a loose asshole who has 4 husbands gets you to heaven. Poland is so insensitive trying to shower off their citizens with outdoor spritzing showers. [soundcloud […]

[soundcloud id=’222328078′] Kid discusses Soundcloud and its future, teachers and how they have such a struggle with going back to work, Ashley Madison, preachers getting caught and transgender bathrooms. Lots more bullshit. Just listen ass-face.

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In this episode the Kid rants hardcore against Major League Baseball continuing to fuck with rules and ruining the game. Its fucking stupid. Go fork yourself

Kid goes off on why Kanye sucks balls, like we even need to address why there are reasons. He rips on country music, and gives his review of some idiot running from cops. Go figure. Someone not listening. Go Fork yourself.

Kid rants about Bruce Jenner, Kim Kardashian and her cleavage and asks the important question of what women think when they get new members of their team via the transgender switcheroo of a man to a woman. Go fork yourself.

Kid rants about the big game, women bitching about fat shaming at a college and he calls out his x for being a fucking leach In this episoce of Breakfast with Kid. Commercial talk and how Budweiser sucks balls. Go fork yourself.

Fuck Facebook, snowmagedon, inflategate, bullying and baseball pace of game in this episode of Breakfast with Kid. He rants about people being pussies and how much more baseball he wants. Go Fork Yourself.

In this BWK the Kid rants about the NFL, CBS and their agenda then turning it into a drinkig game. He also tells fisherman and more specifically ice fisherman to stop avoiding your significant others by dragging tiny little houses out on ice. He also tells us what song we’ll be sick of this year. […]

People are shot in Paris and the Kid makes fun of the pussies who seem to not be able to handle cartoons. He talks about a found time capsule and somehow relating it to his anger towards idiots who can’t turn their notifications off on their phone and complain about it. He gets pissed at […]

In this BWK the Kid discusses the awesomeness of self driving cars, how he’s almost old but not yet and how he doesn’t like it when dudes serve him at restaurants. He talks Skeeball drinking games and anal sex and how to get banned from using your own computer.  

S2:E84 Breakfast with Kid In this BWK the Kid discusses why people need to stop being pussies, getting over people saying things that hurts them, rips on the people who can’t handle new McDonalds mascots and how not to pick fights with your wife. Kid also hits on the password eff ups by every goddamn […]

S2:E83 Breakfast with Kid – In this BWK the Kid describes the bouncy boobs of a sweaty treadmill runner, asks the million dollar question of why is George Clooney getting married and gives his take on the whole Donald Sterling racist situation. Hint hint The Kid don’t give a shit. Some geek shit in this […]