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https://youtu.be/7PjxXFbvpoI The GDS had a pretty good week and to salute our favorite guest of the week we yanked this youtube video of Raven Riley. We would like to wish everyone a good holiday week and let everyone know that we’ll be releasing alot of new bullshit through the feed this week along with some […]

We highly suggest everyone out there settle in for episode 342 where we get a newbie to qweef and tear farts and pretty much do all kinds of fun things you would expect from 3rd grade boys. This post is to let you know that we’ll be fuckin’ around with the site template in the […]

We’ve been fuckin’ around a little lately here at the GDS and its time we hit our roots. The main reason we started this shit was to be able to legitimize our porn viewing so why not get back to it. So between beat downs on the one eyed monster we’ve gathered a few bookmarks […]

Thanks to the one and only Paralyzer we’ve found out who our hottie was from a former post that the kid had on the GDS. The Pman with his all knowing porn knowledge was able to let us know that the hottie pictured to the left is none other than Lenka Gaborova. We’ve been workin’ […]

Head over to Podcast Who’s who and see who this weeks featured show is. Go Deep.Podcaster Who’s Who – The Goin’ Deep Show

April 5, 2007

How many times has the government been wrong? Right, like someone has a calculator that can count that high. There are so many fights going on in congress right now over ridiculous topics, even some arguments that are for good causes, like raising money for this sorry ass war we are in, where our president […]

Starting this friday and lasting through the rest of the St. Patrick’s day weekend, the Goin’ Deep Show will be taking the delorean back to the St. Patrick’s editions of the GDS from 2005. Thats right folks, the Paralyzer will return in these throwback editions. The GDS will be back Monday with a brand spanking […]

Here is the world famous Motorboat in the Phoenix AZ Studio of the Goin’ Deep Show. Listen to the next weeks worth of episodes to hear the motorboat in action. Make sure to vote for the show at vote.godeepwith.us.

Last Wednesday friends of the show, Male Pattern Radness, put on a great show at the Hidden House in downtown Phoenix. Even our Commander in Chief (and I use that term loosely) was there to take in the show and wolf down a $6 steak. He said he enjoys eating steak because it is the […]

1. Have you ever had a girl whose perfume smelled so good you got a hard on at just the smell of her, only to find out it was just Febreze? Me neither. 2. The Bee Gees have a song called How Deep is Your Love. I hope that is to a girl and not […]

February 14, 2007

1. Do you think a caveman could honestly figure out a computer? I know Brendan Fraser can’t. 2. Why is racism not tolerated, unless its against Middle Easterners? 3. Maybe the first unicorn was actually a regular horse that was a cross dressing horse wearing a strap on. 4. Are “The Jeffersons” actual decendants of […]

Here we see Jimmy Page telling Robert Plant about the time he met Mr. Kleen, he is obviously describing how tall our stumpy super hero is, please keep in mind this is a pic from the mid 70’s so Kleen is a tender 36 year old boy.

Ok, the Superbowl is over, Spring training is a few weeks away and the SI swimsuit issue is not out yet (or is it). Can someone answer me this? What makes the past few days a feeding frenzy for stories that involve stuffing your face? We had Joey Chestnut stuffin’ his cheeks the other day […]

Everyone’s favorite runner up Joey Chestnut broke Mr. Kleen’s wing eating record over the weekend. Kleen now must shatter the record by eating 182 and a half wings in 45 seconds. Go Kleen and Go Deep.( Link via iWon News )

We had a hell of a good time at JMac’s bringing the new year in. If you don’t believe us, go check out the photos that we took at one of the new photo galleries we’ve setup. We’re working to update a shitload more over the next month so hang loose and we’ll be getting […]

Goin’ Deep fans, beware of this weeks editions of the show. We know we’ve been layed back and let a few days slip by without releasing some sweet sounds into those ear holes. We’ve been busy banging our imaginary girlfriends and have had some summertime activities to attend to. We did however want to let […]

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n a moment of enlightenment at our local Hooters Mr. Kleen and myself, the Kid, layed down the plan for the next generation of the Goin’ Deep Show. After deciding that a few set segments are a welcome addition to the show we also devised a plan to begin our video casting ambitions. We’ve had […]

May 20, 2006

Nice cropOriginally uploaded by The GDS. Hang tight kiddies, and by tight we mean as tight as that shirt the “A” has on there. Red and Alyson rock the pong table and the tighty shirts. Mucho puking happened later in the evening by the Kid AG but thats besides the point. What is the point […]