Go back in time this month at the 8HOL Live Stream and listen to the crew from June of 2007.  Every episode streaming throughout the month of June will be what the crew was up to a full decade ago.  Clck the big listen button in the sidebar or at the top of the site to […]

November 28, 2016


We’ve upgraded the in studio equipment in a major way over the holiday and we’re set to test it out in all its glory tonight during episode 1310 of The Goin’ Deep Show. The episode will be an immediate release coming out tomorrow morning.  Make sure to subscribe via iTunes or go to the source […]

It’s always frustrating when I have been waiting for weeks to watch something on TV and then when the day comes to finally watch it, I remember at midnight that I forgot to watch it. Normally it’s because of a baseball game being on or a Seinfeld marathon. I had the same feeling this afternoon […]

Goin’ Deep Show regular Yukon was recently spotted wearing his Little Devil Super Hero shirt out in Cali during a recent April visit. We love seeing our crew and listeners out there throwing the horns and especially wearing our gear out in public. If you want to be shown here on the 8HOL site sporting […]

Just a heads up to all you newbies who are hitting the site from We’re in the process of migrating an absolute obscene amount of content into the 8hol site. With that in mind you need to chill the hell out and bear with us as we make this move. Related articles Rihanna Wears […]

December 13, 2013

The balls on this little bitch here are amazing as she thinks she can just wander all over master control here in the Padded Room Studio. We’re now officially hunkered down for the winter and looking towards next year.  Next October will be our 10th year of rambling on here on The Goin’ Deep Show […]

Yes you read this correctly.

I guess the switch over from geek porn to almost real porn has payed off. The GDS side project known as has seen some pretty decent numbers since the switch over on July first of 2011. For Thanksgiving 2011 we decided to expand the site to add eleven categories for everyone’s liking and its […]

We’re searching out for you amazing fallen fans and friends who like to put on the orange and black. We want you to come forth and send us your amazing photos of our GDS Little Devil logo on everything and anything.  Get off your asses, grab that cell and selfie that shit. If you happen […]

GDS Front Office Studio at The WiffleHouse – Original studio of The Goin’ Deep Show. Established October 2, 2004.  In use until February 2012. This is where the original Goin’ Deep Show recorded the first 1,100 episodes of the show. GDS Padded Room Studio 163 – Current Home of the Goin’ Deep Show. Established February 2012. GDS Studio K – Home […]

We’re messing around with the new format for the profile pages for the show hosts. Above is a look at what they will look like. A photo gallery with various images and an audio player with personal messages from the hosts are included. Stay tuned because we anticipate these pages taking a few new shapes […]

An unexpected upgrade to The Goin’ Deep Show website is currently in your face.  We’re dealing with moving a bunch of old content over to this new interface which will handle much more media than the site has handled in the past. Be warned that the site is looking a bit bare at the moment […]

January 2, 2009

Hello and welcome GDS fans to yet another start to a sick and twisted year of dumb content. We are kicking things off with what we’ve found to be our favorite thing to do, and that’s talk dirty to a hottie. The next few episodes have our boy GDub in studio sexy talking The brawler […]

A big GDS wish to everyone out there checking us out, have a safe holiday weekend. We kick off the unofficial start of summer by taking a couple of days off, getting some things squared away and preparing to get some more shows in your ears. In the meantime you’ll notice we’ve pumped through the […]

Move over presidential candidates J “The Mayor” Mac has begun his world dominating ways by taking over the GDS website from his underground lair in Key West Florida. The Mayor plans to appoint Jess from the STL as his personal secretary and bring more waterboarding to the criminals rotting away in jails across this great […]

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