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A Brief History of the Howard Stern Show | Complex.

Remember podcasts? Made popular with a lot of help from the first iPod, they allowed us all the novelty of listening to a radio show without fear of going under a bridge and losing our signal. See Original Article – collected by and for the degenerate curating masterminds at 8HOL.com  Related articles Relive all 13 […]

Podcasts are really just on-demand audio. However, the medium debuted in the period before nearly-ubiquitous wireless data and wifi.

On August 13, 2004, today exactly 10 years ago, Adam Curry recorded his first podcast, The Daily Source Code (DSC), which started the whole podcasting phenomena. Coincidentally I was following Adam on his blog during that time so I listened to that first DSC as well.  

Stream music service Rdio has undergone a major redesign meant to surface its new free radio station feature and your recent listening history. Expect to see way more white space. For Rdio customers that don’t pay a monthly subscription, the app mobile is now a Pandora-like experience.  — Via http://ift.tt/1tv91BH

— Via http://ift.tt/1tcwKlu While investor concerns abound on the recent news on acquisition of Beats Electronics, a pioneer in music streaming service, for $3.2 billion, media streaming is the latest of the technology disruptions that is unsettling the traditional download-store-and-view services.

— Via http://ift.tt/1nDoI4x Music startup 8tracks just released a major new version of its iPhone app. The 3.0 version comes with a completely redesigned interface, a simpler user experience and a new advertising strategy.

Internet Radio App Radium for Mac Gets an Update | MacTrast.

Pandora’s Plummet: Is Apple’s iTunes Taking Over Internet Radio?.   Related articles You: Pandora tries ‘Promoted Stations’ in latest advertising push Pandora stock plummets 10 percent on news of iTunes Radio success Has iTunes Radio Killed Pandora Yet? Quite The Opposite Howard Stern Proves His Value to Sirius XM Once Again Apple is planning a […]

globalbreakfastradio.com Every once in a while a brilliant idea enters my brain rattles around in there and then pops to my finger tips.  The majority of the time those idea simply dribble out my ear hole and fall in my beer. One of my ideas from long long ago has become a reality due to […]

Podcasting is on the rise and it’s gain more attention than ever. With Apple adding the Podcasts app to all of their devices in the new OS release, this will only increase the exposure and demand for new podcasts.

So what’s in store for Podcasting in 2014? Forbes gives us a few predictions for the format and its listenership. 4 Predictions About Podcasting For 2014 – Forbes.

Found this article this morning about Adam Carolla and his Podcasting Success.  Assuming anyone involved, listener or otherwise would be interested in what makes it work. Keep Goin’ Deep and we’ll do the same. Check the article out here.

Not to be a petty little podcasting bitch but these headphones sure look damn comfortable. The studio has been in need of some for a while now and these just may do the trick. If there are any generous fans or friends in the listening audience, we’d love to have this strapped to our fat […]

Open the GDS in monster Blubrry Player. And yes that is spelled right ass holes. Go Deep

eMarketer: Podcasting Set to Surge, Thanks to Google

Google To Spur Growth In Podcasting? | WebProNews

Report: podcasting to generate $400 million in ads by 2011