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Google has a new podcasting strategy that completely reimagines how people find and listen to shows. This is part one of our exclusive five-part series. [SOURCE]

Google’s new podcasting strategy completely reimagines how people find and listen to shows. And Google’s podcasting team has set a bold and game-changing goal: to double podcast audiences globally. This is part three of our exclusive five-part series. source

Podcasting is a gateway to audiobooks and the digital publishing industry is well aware. Well known podcasts are getting book deals and doing original audiobook content for Audible and other online retailers. Apple Podcasts has experienced tremendous success and has just hit a major milestone, over 50 billion podcasts have been downloaded or streamed since […]

This week Google’s Podcast app was revealed in detail, from audio search to indexing. As it turns out, Google already released their Podcast App in the form of an update to their already-in-play Google Search app. Getting to this Podcast interface is not entirely intuitive – but for a good reason. Google doesn’t just want […]

Kid, GDub and Silverback kick off the Spring where we predict when Gdub will die, how many bowling alleys Bay City has and how awesome the United States is at Guns, incarcerations, school shootings and Deep Fakes. We do some movie reviews and figure out that we’re just not going to need actors at some point. The Kid rips on facebook again. Go Figure.  He also tells the story of he and his dad looking up Playboy playmates. Go Deep. 

Make your thighs look attractive and seductive with Thigh Tattoos for Women. Thigh tattoos need to look really attractive not only to you but also to the crowd watching you. The culture to craft beautiful tattoo on your thigh is spreading fast and women just love it. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via […]

Comedian Louis C.K. has issued a statement in response to sexual misconduct allegations. Source: Louis C.K. apologizes for sexual misconduct – CNN

Perhaps one of the most social jobs out there, bartending requires constant contact with others and a great deal of social perceptiveness. So, when you’re a bartender, you come to understand quite a few things about human nature and behavior, and you have some go-to tools that help. via Pocket

The principal of West Parish Elementary said it was disrespectful that a game brought in for a student Halloween party featured a tombstone with the name Don Trump. Source: Trump tombstone at Gloucester school Halloween party disrespectful, principal says – The Boston Globe

Attention whores like ARod and his fat ass girlfriend don’t really deserve any  lame pub but we’re running some test here on the old and we thougth an opportunity to see a fat butt was worth the risk. We didn’t prepare ourself for how freaking dumb it would actually be and the dumb song […]

Source: 23 Actually Incredible Websites Every Music Lover Should Know

A study from the Language Science Journal proves that your curses don’t mean you lack intelligence. Source: People Who Swear Are More Articulate And Intelligent

Audiences are clearly keen to hear shows created and hosted by women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community. Source: How the podcast boom is finally forcing radio to become more diverse

Fitzpatrick posted her $2,000 bond and was released from custody pending her next court date. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

Quite simply, Facebook never deletes anything. Unfriended friends, past relationships, former employers, previous names, address book: you name it. Whenever you post a photo to Facebook, it keeps a record of all the data that’s attached to it. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

LOS ANGELES — What could be better than becoming a millionaire after finding seven vintage baseball cards while cleaning out your late great-grandfather’s house? How about finding an eighth? Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

What’s better than a dollar? That’s easy, a million dollars. And what’s better than two queens? An army of them. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

Married couples everywhere now will be marking their calendars after a Florida woman was arrested for reportedly attacking her husband for forgetting their wedding anniversary, police say. Curated by the Degenerate minds at via Pocket

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