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ESPN Loses 500,000 Subscribers In April

It’s become a major trend, when tax season arrives, cable and satellite subscriber numbers tank according to Nielsen estimates. I don’t know if that’s because...

Goin’ Deep Show 1430: Time for todays mass shooting of load

Kid, GDub and Silverback kick off the Spring where we predict when Gdub will die, how many bowling alleys Bay City has and how awesome the United States is at Guns, incarcerations, school shootings and Deep Fakes. We do some movie reviews and figure out that we're just not going to need actors at some point. The Kid rips on facebook again. Go Figure.  He also tells the story of he and his dad looking up Playboy playmates. Go Deep. 


100+ Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women

Make your thighs look attractive and seductive with Thigh Tattoos for Women. Thigh tattoos need to look really attractive not only to you but also...