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Inside the 8HOL Studios

GDS Front Office Studio at The WiffleHouse – Original studio of The Goin’ Deep Show. Established October 2, 2004.  In use until February 2012. This is where the original...


GDS 916: God says stop it

Episode 193 reloaded. Original shownotes…..Kid and Map in the morning scratching their nuts in full on stereo and telling you how crumbelievable this show is. Someone...


GDS 910: Betty returns

Kid welcomes back a fan favorite, Betty into the studio wherre she tells us about getting over lesbians, dating a prince and other less serious...


Carolla talks Podcasting

Found this article this morning about Adam Carolla and his Podcasting Success.  Assuming anyone involved, listener or otherwise would be interested in what makes it...


GDS 906: A visit from Zaldor

The Kid and Magnum welcome Zaldor to the show where we talk about why Magnum doesn’t us her twat…. I mean why she doesn’t use...


GDS 897: The Return of The Wolf

Kid and JMac welcomes back The Wolf, Legs and Little Wolf into the studio where we talk about hooking up through Comcast, innapropriate sex noises...