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GDS 397: I tend to be horny

Hat Trick, Dutch and the Kid talk about threesomes, big boobed Brandi and poop sex with a small penis. Somehow the Kid manages to get...

GDS 395: Merry Xmas

The Goin’ Deep Show wishes you and every other douchebag that you have to deal with on this holiday a happy Goddamn Xmas. This edition of...

Goin’ Deep Show 393: Hit the road bitch

Kid and Chesticles on the Road. The GDS takes you on a trip to Barnes and Noble. During this episode the Kid tells everyone how much he can't stand the holiday's because of a certain bitch he has to deal with. Oh and Chesticles nearly kills us.

A good holiday week

The GDS had a pretty good week and to salute our favorite guest of the week we yanked this youtube video of Raven Riley. We...


GDS 381: Bang your Bicycle

Chesticles, and the kid sit in for a short little segment then the one and only Jmac enters the studio talking about baning bicycles. Tasering...


GDS 379: Bee Porn Movie

Jmac and the Kid go live via webcam in this episode of the GDS. JMac pulls some info on our hottie Eve Lawrence and then...